Since Ajay as well as Kajol both possessed different personalities, people belonging to the media called their pair as an improbable pair. An explanation was then given by Ajay stating that “We don’t believe in the normal ‘I love you’ habit”. A suggestion never happened. We are together from our childhood days. Although there have been no discussions regarding marriage still it was about to happen at all times. Subsequently both of them tied the nuptial knot on 24th February, 1999.The marriage took place in a conventional Maharashtrian way and the rituals were organized at the house of Ajay Devgn.There was an extensive examination of the people belonging to media since they have made criticisms against the marriage of kajol with Ajay as they said kajol should make her career first rather than making plans for marriage. Nevertheless, kajol confirmed that she would be doing films in the same manner as before. She would only make deductions in the number of movies.

After marriage Kajol started staying with Ajay as well as his family at their ancestral residence in Juhu.Although the people belonging to media made speculations regarding the differences between Kajol as well as the parents of Ajay,Kajol gave a clarification regarding the same and confirmed that she considers them as her own parents. She also said that they ask her to continue with her career. According to the sources,Devgn has an association with other actresses belonging to Bollywood and plans to file a divorce with Kajol.Disapproving all these gossips,kajol gave a statement saying” I don’t have any faith in such gossips as I am very much clear about the functioning of this industry. You cannot live a happy married life if you don’t have trust in any relationship.Honestly,I am not at all bothered about similar talks”.

During the year 2001, Kajol became pregnant for the first time but she lost her baby due to miscarriage. Her pregnancy was later judged as ectopic. On 20th April, 2003, a baby girl named Nysa was born in the Devgn family. After seven years, a boy named Yug was born on 13th September, 2010.According to her the experience of motherhood is fabulous. She said that her children have helped her in bringing out the best mother.


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